♥ Happy birthday EMINEM ♥

well it 17th of october and its a birth date of a legend named Marshall !

Go, go, go, go shawty, it’s your birthday 😀

Exactly 40 years ago, there was a little baby born, they named him Marshall, nobody knew he was going to be a legend. Happy birthday Eminem. he’s turning to 40 years old.you know who he is ??He’s Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady, B-Rabbit, EMINEM or simply the king of rap .

Well Eminem is my biggest inspiration in music now a days,it’s not up to the lyrics only ,his whole life and all the shit he gone through , his life was hard and tough and still he struggled hard and made himself one of the most famous man in the world now a days

No matter what he is now,some people call him biggest Illuminati puppet now a days. I dont know about this clearly either he is Illuminati or not but one thing for sure he is a greatest artist ever and simply im inspired !

I don’t understand how someone could not like him, they’ve probably never even actually listened to him or they probably not understand the real meanings of his song  .

i’l just say this now : Eminem ,we loved you from the beginning from infinity, all the way to Hell the sequel Your songs inspired & helped many people Keep doing what you’re doing and never give up either it is Illuminati or any other shit.

Happy birthday em!


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