co-ven the band

The band  members are :

Hamza Jafri – main vocalist and guitars
Sikandar Mufti – drums
Omran Shafique – guitars

co-ven the band,one of my favorite rock band from Pakistan Lahore. its been more than seven years Co-Ven the band had released their first song but its sad that they are still one of underground bands of Pakistan.Co-ven is definitely a band who should be recognized at international level.Their music,compositions and lyrics are all fascinating & creative.

Their track “Ready to Die” which was uploaded by the band back in 2009 has conceptual lyrics and a wake up call for covers a good view of Pakistan in few lines.

Here is the lyrics for song ready to die  (wake up call for Pakistanis)

lyrics :

 Gonna tell the government,

To inform the president,

He’s been watching CNN,

Foreign Officials have arrived

Send a team of four thousand Men,

Send the entire regiment

Get the media to cover them

We are allies , We must Fight

Chali Shatranj kee Baazi

aur bari bari,

Iraqi, Irani

Saudi, Afghani


Commander in chief is asleep

base on the border has been seized

down from the mountains on their feet

Sir the militants have multiplied

Coalition casualties,

Chopper shot down by the enemy,

We’re gonna bring them to their knees,

We are ready, Ready to DIE !


7 thoughts on “co-ven the band

  1. I bless you for your forthright celebration of Co-Ven and for bravely sharing these lyrics here with us today! You have probably heard of the Million Hoodies movement here in the U.S. to seek justice for the murder of that little boy, Strayvon Martin. Your folk there willing to die reminded me of all of us fighting for justice right here at home in the U.S. May our spirits be joined, Taimur!


    1. thanks ! and yae i heard about that guy Strayvon Martin and i read he now got justice ,the murderer is arrested ; but that was some thing really disgusting ,that phone call of 911 and everything ! make me sad when i saw that news :/


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