Chapter 8: Nineteen Years Later

i’ll be sinking in a sea of books , i’ll be a better Taimur , i’ll be chasing after ”me” , i’ll spread away the wings of my insanity, i’ll be into the wildwell do i have to wait for another Nineteen years as mcCandless did ? or i have to be a super tramp too to begin what i dream for. The story goes on, but the track is still to be finished.I don’t want to buy a stairway to heaven, all i want is to fill the vase with flowers it needs or the spring will over soon. My winter nights are spend thinking of place and managing my plan but i can see the script is still incomplete for me to perform it and my wait is getting longer.

1069235_491578350923914_227504790_nThere was that guy i met in Punjab Pakistan he had passionate religious personality, when i asked him what you do for living ? the reply was “i do nothing”  then i asked how do you mange your expenses and spend time ? he replied  “im like a lost man,searching for something, im like a guy digging deeper to find something but i don’t know yet where to find it, i pray daily, i recite Quran and now im feeling nearer to it, but i still have to get it” the reply was weird but it had a lot to say.

*The title qoute goes by Rumi*


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