The Dark side of old City of Peshawar.

Pigeons From Peshawar,flying back to their cages after a free flight.

Pigeons From Peshawar,flying back to their cages after a free flight.


Chapter 7: The Child is Grown,The Dream is Gone

The chirp was loud enough to make him beat the devil and be in love with devil inside angel

He was trying to get over everyone around him, was trying to understand people, now the only way he had is killing everyone else or killing himself but guess what, “People are people no wonder they are Miserable Bastards”, He was trying everything to get his mind off and it was like Digging in dirt for him. When he used to saw the mirror it was a Negative Creep in front of him and he was the child who feared demons saw demons everywhere from the start but it just took a walk with a Bird to lose them all. The chirp was loud enough to make him beat the devil and be in love with devil inside angel. The Bird who? 
let me summarize this in a line ”It was just lie chirp from her and it  faded his dream away”, He felt for the wrong one and it was no surprise perhaps life is too short to kick the bucket and the dream is gone too but child is now grown up.

2013 in review ( A gifted post)

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 920 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

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King of Spain – Animals Part 1 (we are all just animals)

This is what’s done on the water ship.
The wills of war have little to do with it.
On a rescue mission to save out city,
I got sidetracked because the water looked so pretty.

And they were furious, furious, furious, furious, furious at me
With their dark cloud eyes and stones firmly in palm.
Because it wasn’t the first time it had happened.
“But we’re all just animals” I said,
“We are all just animals”.

The great red baron on it maiden flame
Is taken by its nerves and let its enemy out of sight.
On a rescue mission to save his country,
His mind was so cloudy that he just couldn’t do a thing.

And they were furious, furious, furious, furious, furious at him
With their dark cloud eyes and stones firmly in palm.
Because it wasn’t the last time it would happened.
“But we’re all just animals” he said,
“We are all just animals”.

Yesterday you took me to the county fare.
The circular motion of the rides that made me sick.
But you just went on as if nothing had happened.
I wanted to leave, but kept it to myself.

And I were furious, furious, furious, furious, furious at you
With my dark cloud eyes and stones firmly in palm.
Because it wasn’t the first time it had happened.
“But we’re all just animals” You said,
“We are all just animals”.

Alive but miserable


Well it took something to bring me back to writing , its been long time since i wrote anything but they say your fingers delineate when somethings touches your heart and  its been 8 months since i wrote ,so you folks  better be clear by now concisely.

There are times in your life when you experience everything happening around you so  fast that you find your soul lost , lost in people ,lost in your own voices and it pinches you more and more and drag you to the rear side and at one point our own soul adumbrate to face the reality , it happens almost with everyone once in life and we should revetment ourselves because this is what life is all about facing these challenges realizing that  hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.

      “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

 If you are moving with an eagerness in your heart,then you are alive…if you’re moving with the sparks of dreams in your eyes, then you’re alive..learn to live freely like the gusts of wind, Learn to flow in waves,like a river does.. Meet every moment with your arms open, Every moment these eyes should watch a new weather, If you’re moving with a bewilderment in your eyes then you are alive, If you are moving with an eagerness in your heart, then you are alive.(javed Akhtar )

English premier league vs la liga (a lot to discuss for English fans)

Well a lot of folks are making an issue by comparing English clubs with the Spanish clubs , for me there is no comparison between them because of different ways of their playing style but still i am writing this to clarify them by some facts .
When it comes to which professional football league rules the roost in Europe,with full respect to Serie A and the Bundesliga there are really only two contenders : The English Premier League versus Spain’s La Liga. It’s the cut and thrust of the EPL against the guile and technical skills of Spain’s finest.

well if i compare them on social networking the facts are : The followers of official Premier League and La Liga Twitter accounts, it was Spain who took the win with almost nine million compared to five million

Ronaldo and Messi rule Twitter : Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney have just teamed-up as Manchester United players. But in social media they’re fair less prolific than La Liga stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The Barcelona and Real Madrid superstars scored 24.3 million twitter mentions last season compared with just 8.7 million for the EPL pair.

El Classico takes the title vs Manchester derby : There were more than 1.7 million tweets mentioning El Classico between Real Madrid and Barcelona on April 21, 2012 compared with just under 500,000 for Man City vs. Man Utd.Beside this EL Classico is the most watched football match in the recent years.

Best support we’ve ever seen: The Premier League edged out La Liga in terms of total fan attendance. However, the Premier League’s biggest attendance of the season (Manchester United vs. Wolves – 75,627) was easily beaten by La Liga’s top fixture, with 99,252 cramming in to watch Barcelona vs. Real Madrid.

Champions of Europe: With full respect to the current champions Chelsea we must not forget the Spanish clubs just edged out the Premier League when it comes to Champions League wins, helped in no uncertain fashion by Real Madrid’s record haul of nine trophies. Liverpool were the EPL’s top performer, scooping five titles.The total trophies for the English teams at the end to year 2011-12 are now 12 ,where laliga teams still got the edge by 13 trophies to their name .
English teams ends runners up 7 times where Spanish sides ends runners up 9 times.

Bad manners: In terms of discipline, either the players in the Premier League are extremely dirty or the referees are extremely strict. There were 158 red cards in England in 2011/12 compared with just 58 in Spain. For the English fans who blame barca for bad tackling and bad manners let me clarify them FC Barcelona have uefa fair play award in the year 2009/10.

well what’s left is a huge question form the English fans that in laliga there are only two clubs and they only compete for the title Real Madrid and BarcelonaMy answer to them is Real Madrid and Barcelona are better than everyone else in Spain? Yes. But they may also well be better than everyone else in Europe. Their success is their success, not simply everyone else’s failure.

wait a mint now i’ve something to remind for English fans..

Athletic Bilbao went to Old Trafford and with an hour and a half, they proceeded to tear United apart. It was not definitive proof, but it was a warning, a reminder that there are other teams beyond Spain’s big two. In the end, Athletic totaled almost 70 percent of possession time and 25 shots, while the best United could muster was that it lost just 3-2. Athletic was the seventh best team in Spain. United was the top one in England.
yesterday Atlatico Madrid’s huge margin 4-1 win against Chelsea in uefa super cup was just an awful moment for the ones who keep saying there are only two big clubs playing in Spain

**  I’ve to edit this post in 2013 ,just to remind you all, that there’s no English team left in 2013 champions league top eight , this sums up pretty well i think ** 

Honesty dictates recognition of certain facts. Over the last five years, Barcelona has won two European Cups, Manchester United just one. And before that’s dismissed as a reflection about clubs and not countries, in the last decade, three Spanish Clubs — Valencia, Sevilla and Atlético have won the UEFA Cup/Europa League ,No English club has

Now, if I tell that to any English fan he would counter me by saying whatever it takes to win or if he’s a little more smart-mouthed, he would tell me something of the lines “Yea, that sucks man but it’s all good if your team is doing it.” Now what the hell is that? Why the double-standards? It’s ok for you to play negative but if someone else does it, it is not ok? What kind of football is that? Yes sir, that’s English football for you!

I’m a fan of Barcelona and Barcelona has lost to many La Liga sides even their local rivals (Espanyol), league rivals (Real Madrid) and even to teams like Numancia and Osasuna (never heard of them, right?); but it never frustrated me or made me so mad that I want to swear out loud at the TV and even on Twitter. When there is an English opposition, they play so defensive at our home, so defensive that it’s like if you’re so scared to play a normal game than why did you leave the premises of your own stadium? And then they call it “strategy”. Having all 11 of your players inside your own half for more than 80 percent of the time is strategy?

The spainards  are not ruining the beautiful game of football, The English fans have already ruined it, the spainards are just ruining what’s left of it.
*the facts and figures are totally taken for the official twitter accounts and the official uefa  sites and the pictures and more facts will be updated soon*

Pep Guardiola ( The God Father )

The Greatest Manager of All Time ! And the only one having introduced a whole new style of was sad when Pep told us that he was leaving last week and after yesterday i was balling my eyes out. The moment when Messi’s hugged pep,Puyi chasing Pep to throw him up into the air and the guard of honor,so beautiful for all Barca clues.That moment when Pep tried to avoid being thrown in the air by walking away with Puyi coming for him was so was all beautiful,The four goals by Messi were like a dedication for Pep for each year he has been at Barca

and one thing i’ll say for those all who comparing pep with Jose mourinho, Mou running over to be thrown in the air after Madrid’s win at Bilbao looked kinda forced, Pep trying to escape being thrown into the air after a “poor” season is a pretty defining image for all of us.


Pep Guardiola  the footballing  God Father ! I’m gonna miss you gracious one.Thanks pep, you are true cule long live PEP and long live barca, we ❤ you Barca.

don’t go for this guy timeline DP , other than that this sucker is my fucking complete  idol 😀

Nalaik Panda

Well Kids , i Don’t have any kids 😛 ,The story today i m going to tell you is, how i met my 3rd Face Book wife? And it all started with Champions league may 6, 2009. The best thing about Champions league is the rivalry of Barcelona and Chelsea.both the teams have faced each other so many times in semi-finals ,quarter finals.Now lets come back to 6th may 2009,back then we were having annual exams of my 1st year.Me and your Uncle EM-Faddi (Fawad) were discussing things  ,some important things ,not about the physics paper that was about to begin in 30 minutes, but the Most important Match of the year that was about to begin in 15 hours:D yeah Barcelona vs Chelsea,Your Uncle knew that Tammy  is a big-Barcelona fan .So he become my wingman, took me to the Tammy and said
“have you met Nalaik Panda …

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co-ven the band

The band  members are :

Hamza Jafri – main vocalist and guitars
Sikandar Mufti – drums
Omran Shafique – guitars

co-ven the band,one of my favorite rock band from Pakistan Lahore. its been more than seven years Co-Ven the band had released their first song but its sad that they are still one of underground bands of Pakistan.Co-ven is definitely a band who should be recognized at international level.Their music,compositions and lyrics are all fascinating & creative.

Their track “Ready to Die” which was uploaded by the band back in 2009 has conceptual lyrics and a wake up call for covers a good view of Pakistan in few lines.

Here is the lyrics for song ready to die  (wake up call for Pakistanis)

lyrics :

 Gonna tell the government,

To inform the president,

He’s been watching CNN,

Foreign Officials have arrived

Send a team of four thousand Men,

Send the entire regiment

Get the media to cover them

We are allies , We must Fight

Chali Shatranj kee Baazi

aur bari bari,

Iraqi, Irani

Saudi, Afghani


Commander in chief is asleep

base on the border has been seized

down from the mountains on their feet

Sir the militants have multiplied

Coalition casualties,

Chopper shot down by the enemy,

We’re gonna bring them to their knees,

We are ready, Ready to DIE !