I Found Out That I Am Lost

The Lost souls are now found.

A Shade Of Pen

Just the other day, I was talking with a friend, Taimur on my blog and the chat drifted and we spoke of “FINDING THAT YOU ARE A LOST SOUL”. This gave birth to this post because we were both confused as we discussed more and more about finding out when you’re lost.

I used to be a free bird

I laughed the wildest laugh

I was in tune with nature

There was nothing I really lacked

No one rolls the happy lane

For times longer than you should

I too got trapped

And I too was lost

a little

I wandered aimlessly, here and there

I looked for me in unseen eyes

I stared in the abyss of my own eye

And found a stranger living there

Everytime I stole a glance

The mirror showed a person

Who looked somewhat like me

And there was noting more in between

Gone was the…

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Chapter 8: Nineteen Years Later

i’ll be sinking in a sea of books , i’ll be a better Taimur , i’ll be chasing after ”me” , i’ll spread away the wings of my insanity, i’ll be into the wildwell do i have to wait for another Nineteen years as mcCandless did ? or i have to be a super tramp too to begin what i dream for. The story goes on, but the track is still to be finished.I don’t want to buy a stairway to heaven, all i want is to fill the vase with flowers it needs or the spring will over soon. My winter nights are spend thinking of place and managing my plan but i can see the script is still incomplete for me to perform it and my wait is getting longer.

1069235_491578350923914_227504790_nThere was that guy i met in Punjab Pakistan he had passionate religious personality, when i asked him what you do for living ? the reply was “i do nothing”  then i asked how do you mange your expenses and spend time ? he replied  “im like a lost man,searching for something, im like a guy digging deeper to find something but i don’t know yet where to find it, i pray daily, i recite Quran and now im feeling nearer to it, but i still have to get it” the reply was weird but it had a lot to say.

*The title qoute goes by Rumi*

We don’t need more, What we need is the worth of one we lost. (Aitzaz Hasan, 15-Year-Old Martyr)

Yes of course I’m in rights of giving Nishan-i-Haider to late Aitizaz Hasan, who sacrifices his life while trying to prevent a suicide attack on his school. As the rounds of giving him award (Nishan-i-Haider) got the top place in our social media; but now it’s time for the government of Pakistan to seriously think on this issue, What if this young man wasn’t there? We could have lost many innocent souls at Government High School Ibrahimzai in Hangu.

State of Pakistan must award Nishan-i-Haider to brave Shaheed Aitezaz, but now it’s time to take some serious action about war on terrorism in Pakistan, we have already lost millions of Muslims, majority of innocent kids in suicide bombing. Aitizaz Hassan stood his ground and got hold of the bomber who then detonated his vest and save around 500 of his fellows at school, A true hero died yesterday protecting his classmates but is there anyone in Pk government who can play the same role for the rest of our country and saves us from this difficult time. I saw lots of people on our social media saying “we have million Aitizaz” but the point is we don’t need more Aitzazs, Not one or one million. What we need is the worth of the one we lost.

Chapter 7: The Child is Grown,The Dream is Gone

The chirp was loud enough to make him beat the devil and be in love with devil inside angel

He was trying to get over everyone around him, was trying to understand people, now the only way he had is killing everyone else or killing himself but guess what, “People are people no wonder they are Miserable Bastards”, He was trying everything to get his mind off and it was like Digging in dirt for him. When he used to saw the mirror it was a Negative Creep in front of him and he was the child who feared demons saw demons everywhere from the start but it just took a walk with a Bird to lose them all. The chirp was loud enough to make him beat the devil and be in love with devil inside angel. The Bird who? 
let me summarize this in a line ”It was just lie chirp from her and it  faded his dream away”, He felt for the wrong one and it was no surprise perhaps life is too short to kick the bucket and the dream is gone too but child is now grown up.

2013 in review ( A gifted post)

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