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Google I/O is developers conference held at Moscone Centre San Francisco last week and over 1 million people watched the conference on the live streams around the world. Listed below are the top three announcements at Google I/O 2014 conferences.

Google Android L

Android L will be leading android operating system this year, its the latest version of android previewed at this years google I/O conference. Android L mainly focuses on design and performance with the better notification system. Android L introduces the intelligent Material Design concept for the first time which focuses on design and user experience and provide a better view and interaction of user with the layout of UI. Apps will programmatically changes its color to the surroundings of application. Lets say if we are using music player, the music player will automatically adopt its color intelligently with the selected album cover of the songs being played. Android L will be release by the end of this year, expected release dates are between 23 September and 23 December.

Google senior vice president Sundar Pichai presenting new Android L material design concept.

Android Auto

As a rival to Apple’s Car play, Google introduces Android auto. Google points out that 25% of the accidents on the road occur because people use their phones while driving. Keeping this in mind for the safety of the user while driving Google introduced “Android auto”. With Android auto all important information you need will be at your car dashboard screen and you can use Android auto to make phone calls, send texts, control and play music, and importantly control different apps including Google maps to get directions you need just by your voice commands and also keeping your eyes on the road.

Google Android Auto demo at the Google i/O 2014
Google Android Auto demo at the Google I/O 2014

Android TV 

From playing games to watching movie now our hands will be on Android TV . With its voice search commands via our phone we can listen to any kind of music or can watch any movie on our TV screens. Saying “X-Men,” “johnny depp movies,” or other types of search will bring up recommendations based on the searched keywords. Android wearable can also control Android TV. Gaming is another feature of Android TV, now users can play multiplayer games with others using their phone as first and android TV as multiple console option.

Presenting Android TV At Google I/O 14.
Presenting Android TV At Google I/O 14.

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