don’t go for this guy timeline DP , other than that this sucker is my fucking complete  idol 😀

Nalaik Panda

Well Kids , i Don’t have any kids 😛 ,The story today i m going to tell you is, how i met my 3rd Face Book wife? And it all started with Champions league may 6, 2009. The best thing about Champions league is the rivalry of Barcelona and Chelsea.both the teams have faced each other so many times in semi-finals ,quarter finals.Now lets come back to 6th may 2009,back then we were having annual exams of my 1st year.Me and your Uncle EM-Faddi (Fawad) were discussing things  ,some important things ,not about the physics paper that was about to begin in 30 minutes, but the Most important Match of the year that was about to begin in 15 hours:D yeah Barcelona vs Chelsea,Your Uncle knew that Tammy  is a big-Barcelona fan .So he become my wingman, took me to the Tammy and said
“have you met Nalaik Panda …

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